Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Goose picture

Reader John Fry wrote in with this great picture (taken June 15 or 16, 1946) and note (you can click on the picture to blow it up):
"I've been going through some family negatives.  We lived in Navy Housing at West Willard and Santa Fe in the late 1940s.  I believe this is me pointing to the Spruce Goose heading down Santa Fe.  I turned 3 on October 4, 1946."

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PortofLB said...

Reader DonnaLee Leach writes:
"my daddy, took lots of 8mm movies. he took me down to the bridge, facing the SG for its flight. he put his camera on a tripod, i was standing in front of it. the engine roared, the plane took off towards us & landed. the "media" showed the same thing, except, we were in their footage of the "flight". i was 10 yrs old. precious memories, of long beach, in the good old days. its been so sad to see the lack of care about our awesome history, being ignored &/or destroyed. thank you, for the memories."