Monday, January 10, 2011

Remembering Pierpoint Landing

Pierpoint Landing opened on what is now Pier F at the Port of Long Beach in 1948. It grew to become the world's largest sportfishing operation, attracting 2 million anglers annually, before it closed in 1972. As many as 22 day boats and 30 charter boats would set out daily in pursuit of yellowtail, albacore, sea bass, barracuda and bonita.

Besides the fishing, the complex attracted visitors with fondly remembered restaurants, shops, rides for the kids and a seal tank. A new Pierpoint Landing opened in 2000 near the Aquarium of the Pacific.

At top: Pierpoint Landing in the mid-1950s, looking out to sea; below: a view looking toward Long Beach of the same area in 2009, with the Port's Command and Control Center and Jacobsen Pilot Service in the foreground.

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Pierpoint Landing - Long Beach, California
(This photo is from an excellent collection of vintage postcards and photos on Flickr -- click the picture to see another photo of Pierpoint Landing and some vintage maps of the Port.)

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Check out our Centennial Moments

Throughout our Centennial year, we'll be sharing 100 video Centennial Moments -- interesting and little-known facts about the Port of Long Beach and its history. You can find the Centennial Moments here, at our Centennial videos page or on our YouTube channel.