Monday, April 4, 2011

Pierpoint Landing's animal attraction

Contestants in the International Beauty Congress stop by the sea lion pool at Pierpoint Landing, 1960.
We came across some more photos of Pierpoint Landing in our archives last week, and coincidentally a reader wrote in, almost at the same time we were uploading the photos, to share her memories of the sportfishing mecca's famous animal attraction:

"I am a 52-year-old mother who has the fondest memories of Pierpoint Landing, especially the seal tank. My father would take our whole family for crab and smoked fish, while I could not wait to get there to feed MY seals!

"My father would give me change so I could buy a bag of anchovies to feed MY seals. This would go on all day until it started getting dark. To this day when I see a seal it reminds me of one of the best times of my life.

"Now that I am a parent to a 25-year-old and at 26-year-old I share this story with them. They now go to [the new] Pierpoint Landing often for the sport fishing!

"Thank you for having this forum to express my happy memories. I thought I was the only person that knew about the seals...OH YEH "MY SEALS".....THANK YOU!"

-- Elizabeth Gomez

More pics of Pierpoint Landing

Our original post on Pierpoint Landing

Pierpoint Landing circa 1964.


PortofLB said...

Reader SteveB of La Mirada writes:
"I have such incredibly fond memories of my parents taking me to Pierpoint Landing as a young child.

I remember the googling hotdogs, feeding the fish, and riding in the boats."

Larry D. said...

We lived in South Gate and would come there once a month. And the first thing I did was run into Hickory Farms, and look at the chocolate covered ants, but I never ate any. Also the Seal tank, and feeding them but I remember it as the seals being down a few feet in the tank? I would sure love to know the exact location of Pierpoint landing. I think we took a pontoon bridge to it, and it being located West of the 710 fwy. I've lived in San Pedro for 26 years, and think of Pierpoint now and then.

PortofLB said...

Larry, Pierpoint Landing was located on the western edge of what is now Pier F at the Port of Long Beach. It is indeed west of the 710 Freeway, but east of where the Pontoon Bridge was (the Pontoon was where the Gerald Desmond is now). If you look up Pier F Ave., Long Beach, on a map program, you'll see where it was. The land is now occupied partially by Jacobsen Pilot Services and the Port's security control center, and partially by a container terminal.