Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three homes for the Port

Second Port admin building

Since the early 1930s, the Port of Long Beach has called three buildings home.

The first administration building was at 130 S. Pico Ave., just south of Ocean Boulevard, a little east of where the Seafarers Center is now. (Pico at that time was east of its current location, basically where the 710 runs today.) Prior to this the Harbor Department had had offices at the Municipal Pier and inside City Hall and the City Hall Annex.

After a little less than 10 years, the Port moved, this time to 1333 W. El Embarcadero (the property is part of Pier E today, with Pier E Street running roughly where El Embarcadero used to run). Headquarters remained at this location for 20 years, but the building and surrounding land were plagued by the subsidence issues that bedeviled the Port in those years. In the 1956 photo at above, you can see how much the building has sunk; the area was flat in 1940.

And in 1960, the Port moved to a new headquarters at 925 Harbor Plaza -- we're still here today!

Click here for more photos of the administration buildings throughout the years.

If you have memories or stories of any of the buildings, or if you worked in one of the former administration buildings, we'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment or use our Share Your Memories form to send us a story and/or pictures.

Map of Port admin locations

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